Abundant Health Programs More Comfortable Than First Class Cabins
Best Choice for Passionate Living

Kingdom Reflexology Sdn Bhd (1087137-X), a renowned and legitimate reflexology and massage brand in KL, has built a good reputation among businessmen and families to become the choicest leisure and healthcare provider among health enthusiasts.

At Kingdom Reflexology, we offer a complete variety of leisure and healthcare services, including reflexology, whole body massage, Gua Sha, cupping, ear candling, ear dewaxing in the most comfortable environment, promising a massage experience much better than that of a first class cabin.

Different from other massage centers, we provide a complete package to our customers, which comes with a legitimate, therapeutic massage; a clean, hygienic and comfortable environment and affordable prices, with the aim of ensuring the best consumption experience!

Our uniquely soft and comfortable Thai massage, combining the wisdom of Thai and ancient Chinese meridian massage techniques, readily achieves meridian therapy to recharge and revitalize the body and mind, enhancing health.



Masseurs Taking Care of Your Needs Considerately, More Comfortable Than Any Massage Chair

Rest assured that massage is not as mechanical as the electric massage chair at Kingdom Reflexology. Our masseurs will cater to your every need and comfort, flexibly adjusting the massage areas and massage strength so that you can truly enjoy ultimate comfort.

For instance, if your calf feels tight and you want to relax your muscles through a massage, or feel that the masseur's strength is too weak or too strong, you can always tell the masseur on the spot. Every one of them is more than happy to cater to your needs.

Mechanical massage can only deliver a rigid process over and over again, but our masseurs can take care of your needs just to get a smile of complete satisfaction.


Clean & Hygienic Environment All the Time, Even Compulsively Clean People Approve

At Kingdom Reflexology, we boast of a highly comfortable and relaxing massage environment that promises ultimate enjoyment for all customers, a leisure place that rejuvenates both the body and mind.

Our décor may not be luxurious, but the design is simple and nice, the lighting is soft, with comfortable, spacious massage chairs and ample spacing that promotes privacy. More importantly, the place is cleaned every day to maintain a high degree of hygiene and comfort for our customers at all times.

Our massage robes and towels are outsourced to a professional washing company for sterilization. However, in order to ensure a double sanitation measure, we have also invested in a clothing sanitization box to disinfect all robes and towels.

Pamper yourself after a hard day’s work. In life, it is essential to pursue a certain amount of enjoyment and stress relief.

Book now so that we can reserve a first class masseur for you!

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