Our décor may not be luxurious, but the design is simple and nice, the lighting is soft, with comfortable, spacious massage chairs and ample spacing that promotes privacy.


Clean Steam Saunas & Expansive Rest Area Complete with Light Snacks & Drinks

There are 3 floors occupying about 6,000 square feet of space in Kingdom Reflexology. The ground floor is men's area, which houses a hotel-style sanitary steam sauna that can accommodate 7 to 8 people at the same time. Stimulated by whole body dry sauna, blood vessels expand and contract repeatedly to promote vascular elasticity, to prevent arteriosclerosis and to expel toxins via profuse sweating—definitely a healthy choice for urbanites.

In addition to the sauna area, there are several sanitary bathrooms and a wide seating area full of comfortable, casual tables and chairs, digital safety lockers, etc., plus refreshments and light snacks. A coffee machine is provided to serve branded coffee for unlimited drinking.


Spacious & Privacy guaranteed, with Special Female VIP Rooms VIP Services for VIP Enjoyment

The ground and 1st floors are dedicated to foot reflexology and body massage. The vast space is divided into a comfortable foot reflexology lobby, a semi-private body massage area for men, and an exclusive VIP massage lounge for ladies.

Foot reflexology lobby:

This is a special zone dedicated to foot reflexology, with over 20 large, comfortable and adjustable electric massage chairs.

Semi-private body massage area:

This is a men's full body massage area, well-equipped with 10 comfortable massage beds separated by curtains to give 70% semi-privacy for a legitimate massage.

Ladies only VIP massage rooms:

5 highly private VIP rooms have been set up to provide exclusive body massage services for female clients for maximal comfort and total privacy.

The 2nd floor is also a foot reflexology area with 3 private VIP rooms, 2 of which are for couples, while the third caters to 4 guests. Each room comes with large, hygienic adjustable massage chairs or beds, with independent air-conditioning.

Our large, comfortable massage chairs, complete with USB connector chargers, can be adjusted for full personal comfort. There is also free Wi-Fi connection in all the rooms so that customers can enjoy the internet while being pampered with a divine massage.

Pamper yourself after a hard day’s work. In life, it is essential to pursue a certain amount of enjoyment and stress relief.

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