We spend a fortune every year on car maintenance—changing motor oil, car wash, polishes etc.—to keep our cars in tip top condition. Yet, how much do we spend yearly to maintain our health, to keep ourselves in the most vibrant and energetic state?

Keeping ourselves fit and healthy is not that difficult. We combine Thai and ancient Chinese massage wisdom to come up with some unique Thai massage techniques to deliver the efficacy of meridian health, eliminating fatigue, promoting blood circulation, revitalizing and re-energizing the body and mind.


Kingdom Reflexology Sdn Bhd (1087137-X), a renowned and legitimate reflexology and massage brand in KL, has built a good reputation among businessmen and families to become the choicest leisure and healthcare provider among health enthusiasts.

At Kingdom Reflexology, we offer a complete variety of leisure and healthcare services, including reflexology, whole body massage, Gua Sha, cupping, ear candling, ear dewaxing in the most comfortable environment, promising a massage experience much better than that of a first class cabin.



Kingdom Reflexology provides no ordinary massages. We combine Thai traditional techniques with the wisdom of ancient Chinese meridian massage to provide highly rejuvenating Thai massage and, at the same time, the therapeutic effects of ancient Chinese meridian massage--promoting blood circulation and unblocking meridian channels.

Thai massage, which emphasizes on a soft approach intermixed with hard, soothes the mind and muscles, boosting positive energy in the body and mind; while ancient Chinese meridian massage achieves therapeutic effects by promoting blood circulation, relieving fatigue as well as calming the body and mind—one of the earliest ways of proper healthcare in Chinese medicine.

Our experienced masseurs, each of whom has undergone legitimate massage training and accumulated a wealth of experience on Chinese and Thai combination technique, will amaze you with the most accurate pressure on every acupressure point as well as a divine massage to deliver the most delightful enjoyment.


At Kingdom Reflexology, we boast of a highly comfortable and relaxing massage environment that promises ultimate enjoyment for all customers, a leisure place that rejuvenates both the body and mind.

There are 3 floors occupying about 6,000 square feet of space in Kingdom Reflexology. The ground floor is men's area, which houses a hotel-style sanitary steam sauna.The ground and 1st floors are dedicated to foot reflexology and body massage. The vast space is divided into a comfortable foot reflexology lobby, a semi-private body massage area for men, and an exclusive VIP massage lounge for ladies.


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